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5 Google+ (Google Plus) Features that's worth a try

Google Plus Feature – Klik Baca. Google looks like does not want to lose its dominance, after he became king in search engines and create innovations like google maps, google translate, etc., Now turn google creating social networks. Although not new, but Google adds features that are more interesting in google+ (google plus) compared with other social networking.

Noted there are some google+ (google plus) features are given by the party appealing to users google + google (google plus) including circle, hangouts, instant uploads, sparks, and Huddle. For those of you who want to know more clearly about these features you can read it here (not a trap Batman).

Google+ (google plus) features that attract could be a deadly weapon for another social networking is older then. Besides being supported by the giant search engine google, google+ (google plus) as a new social networking has many features that are interesting to try.

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