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Google+ (Google Plus)| Google Social Network

Google+ (Google Plus) – Klik Baca. The success of Facebook as a social network that has many visitors, has inspired the giant search engine Google to create a social networking as rival Facebook. if during this time fb as a social networking rule the world, then Facebook should prepare for a new social networking from google called google+ (google plus).

As a new social networking, google+ (google plus) provides some interesting features in it include:

Circle: This is feature from google+ (google plus) to you can put your friends in specific groups such as office friends, parents, playmates, etc. The most interesting in this feature is you can put your friend in specific groups only with drag they’re profile in to the circle
Hangouts: with this feature we can talk together like when we go out with our friends and chat together.

Instant Upload: This feature gives us easy to upload photos and videos and share with our friends. Also You can determine with anyone you share your photos and video.

Sparks: This feature will connect you with individuals in a network that has the same interests as you.

Huddle: With this service, we can pull through conversations with many people in one group.

Looks like google+ (google plus) provides some features that we are not able to find on facebook and this can be a google weapon to break the dominance of Facebook in the social networking world. With the support of big names google, google+ (google plus) could become the new king in the world of social networking.
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